„1984“ von George Orwell: Die wichtigsten Infos zu den Themen, Charakteren und Symbolen im Roman

„1984“ von George Orwell ist eines der bekanntesten Bücher weltweit.

Fürs Abi in Englisch steht der Roman ebenfalls oft auf dem Lehrplan.

Ich mag das Buch 🙂

Falls es dir (noch) nicht so geht, dann helfen dir die folgenden Infografiken, einen besseren Überblick zu bekommen.


1984 George Orwell: Themen, Charaktere, Symbole



„1984“ George Orwell:  Diese Infografik gibt dir einen Überblick über:

  • Big Brother und die Ministerien
  • die Themen
  • die Symbole
  • die Hauptcharaktere.



Der Roman wird ja häufig als Zukunftsroman bezeichnet.

Inwiefern sich die dort behandelten Zukunfsthemen bereits verwirklicht haben, stellt diese Infografik dar:

1984 George Orwell: Infografik Themen




Hier bekommst du einen tollen Überblick über die wichtigsten Charaktere.

1984 George Orwell| Characters

Character Description
Winston Smith Winston Smith is the protagonist through whose eyes the story is told. Winston belongs to the Outer Party, yet he hates all it stands for and secretly rebels.
Big Brother Big Brother is the mustachioed embodiment of the Party who rules Oceania and who is likely only a symbol for totalitarian rule rather than a real person.
O’Brien O’Brien is a member of the Inner Party whom Winston instinctively follows as a man who seems to share his hatred for the Party.
Julia Julia is a young woman and fellow hater of Big Brother with whom Winston builds a romantic relationship.
Emmanuel Goldstein Emmanuel Goldstein is a former leader of the Party who now leads the Brotherhood, the counterrevolutionary group against the Party that may or may not actually exist.
Mr. Charrington Mr. Charrington appears to be a member of the proles (or working class) who owns an antique shop in London and from whom Winston rents a room for secret rendezvous with Julia.
Thought Police The Thought Police is a Party branch that uses telescreens and other surveillance to report thoughtcrimes.
Mr. Parsons Mr. Parsons is the ideal Outer Party member. He is Winston’s neighbor at Victory Mansions and a lower-level coworker at the Ministry of Truth.
Mrs. Parsons Mrs. Parsons is married to Mr. Parsons and is an overworked homemaker. She is raising two children whom she worries are spies likely to turn either parent into the Thought Police.
Syme Syme is a creative, intelligent, yet orthodox member of the Outer Party. He is a colleague of Winston’s at the Ministry of Truth who is helping to write the 11th edition of the Newspeak dictionary.
The Singing Prole Woman The singing prole woman beneath Winston’s rented room symbolizes the freedom of the proles and the only hope for all of society to regain its freedom.